Won Sool


The story of Hwarang Won Sool, the second son of Dae Jang Gun Kuksun Yoo Shin Kim, commander of the Silla army, is similar in its importance.

Hwarang Won Sool was a lieutenant in the army when it suffered a defeat at the hands of Chinese troops. Upon his return, his father requested permission from King Moon Moo to execute his son for the disgrace he brought on the family and the country. But King Moon Moo replied that the boy was not in command and therefore was not responsible for the defeat. But the father banished his son into exile in the mountains as a monk.

When the father died Won Sool came back down from the mountain to face his mother, but she refused to see him replying that she would not violate the father's command. Won Sool returned to Tae Bak Mountain.

Some years later China launched another war. Hwarang Won Sool heard of the impending war and returned to the King to request that he be allowed to enter the battle. He was given a command and performed brilliantly. King Moon Moo wanted to reward him, but Won Sool refused, saying that his family held him in shame and that he could not accept.

e returned to his mountain once again to live out his life as a hermit monk.