A list of sample questions that may be asked at a test

Possible White Belt questions:

How old is Tae Kwon Do?
From what country did Tae Kwon Do originate?
Why do we bow to the flags and instructors?
Who is your Master?
Who is your Grandmaster?
Does Tae Kwon Do make you stronger?  If yes, how?
Kids: What type of chores do you do at home?
Kids: How do you help your Mom and Dad?
Kids: Does helping out at home show respect to your family and home?
Kids: Did you clean your room before you came for the test?
Adults: Why did you decide to study Tae Kwon Do?
Adults: What are some of the benefits you've found?
How does Tae Kwon Do make you family stronger?

Possible Yellow Belt questions:

All above questions plus:
When is your Master's birthday? Grandmaster?
Do you show your technique to anyone outside of Tae Kwon Do?
Why do we Keehop?
Kids: How are your grades at school?
Kids: Do you fight with your parents?
Adults: How is Tae Kwon Do helping you?
Adults: Can Tae Kwon Do make strong leaders?  If so, how?

Possible Green Belt questions:

All above questions plus:
From what dynasty did the Hwarang come from?
Can you count to ten in Korean?
When do you use Tae Kwon Do?
Can Tae Kwon Do be used against animals?  If so, how?

Possible Blue Belt questions:

All above questions plus:
Have you attended an outdoor training camp?  

If yes, what were your thoughts about camping before and after you attended?

If no, why have you not participated in a camp yet and when will you attend a camp?

How do you learn leadership training from Tae Kwon Do?
How have you grown in technique since you have been a blue belt?
What does Hwarang Kwan mean?
Who wrote the five commitments?
Can you name the five commitments and what they stand for?
How can camps help a student become a leader?

Possible Red Belt questions

All above questions plus:
What is your best Tae Kwon Do memory?
How has Tae Kwon Do helped you in your life?
What is your goal in life and how can Tae Kwon Do help you reach that goal?
Can you recite the membership oath?
What does "Kill with Justice" mean?
What style of Tae Kwon Do do we practice?
Recite the five commitments in Korean.
Who was the founder of Ji Do Kwan?
Write Tae Kwon Do in Korean.
Name some of the old names of Tae Kwon Do.
What are the eight styles of Tae Kwon Do?
Name the three dynasties in Korea when the Hwarang formed.
Which dynasty did the Hwarang come from?
Which dynasty was the largest and which was the smallest?