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:  On the weekend of August 13, 14, and 15th 2011, a Tae

 Kwon Do outdoor training camp was conducted at Singing Hills Camp in

Franklin.   Michael Wonderling,  of  West Spruce Street, Titusville,

completed requirements toward the level of Master in Tae Kwon Do, a 5th

degree Black Belt.  Shown in the photo is Michael Wonderling splitting a

brick in mid air with a knife hand strike.

A nineteen year journey has taken a local man, Michael Wonderling, of

Titusville, to the destination of a 5th degree Black Belt:  Master of Tae

Kwon Do.

In 1993, Wonderling began his Tae Kwon Do practice with a certificate

for a  free Tae Kwon Do class held in Seneca, Pa., taught by Master

Donald Porta,  owner of Northwest Martial Arts.  Mr. Wonderling has

trained with Grand  Master Donald Porta for 19 years, with additional

exposure to various other  Masters, including Grand Master Choon Mo Yang,

of Columbus, Ohio.

There are 8 colored belt tests  preceding the 1st degree Black Belt.  All

colored and black belt tests require progressively more advanced kicks,

punches, self defense techniques, free fighting, and forms.  Students are

tested for knowledge of the rules, behaviors, and history  of Tae Kwon

Do, along with requirements for leading and teaching lower ranked

students. Each belt level  has a different Tae Kwon Do form, (simulated

sparring) and  takes years of practice to do correctly.  The 5th degree

Master is proficient  in 17 different forms, each comprised of 20 or more

moves, and some forms in  excess of 2 minutes each.

Wonderling  completed all eight colored belt rank requirements and

achieved  his 1st degree black belt in June 1995, followed by his 2nd

Degree in June  1997, 3rd degree in Aug. 2000, and 4th degree in Aug. of


Wonderling has taught numerous adults and children the martial art of Tae

Kwon Do; consistently maintaining an atmosphere that promotes  respect,

self  discipline and leadership in each student.   Tae Kwon Do creates a

structured  pattern of achievement that often translates to success in


Wonderling teaches at the YMCA in Titusville and Franklin, and

periodically  at the Buxton Road Do Jang in Cherry tree. To quote Mr.

Wonderling , “If it  (Tae Kwon Do) was easy, everyone would do it.”Information

about the Tae  Kwon Do program is available at 814-827-9416 or on the


A ceremony will be held later this month at the Buxton Road Do Jang to

recognize Wonderling’s achievement as a Master of  Tae Kwon Do.

Wonderling is married to Heidi Wonderling, employed by  Homerwood in

Titusville, and has been an active participant in habitat for humanity,

and  various mission trips to build structures in under developed