The Five Commitments


A very long time ago in Korea during the first years of the Hwarang, one of the Hwarang's strong leaders realized that to make sure the Hwarang would survive for years to come, they would need a commitment to live by.  A Hwarang warrior worked for many months trying to find someone to help the Hwarang.  The warrior found a very respected monk and scholar named Wang Kang.  The warrior sought Wang Kang and Wang Kang listened and decided to help.  However, if he was to help, they had to agree to listen to him and learn his teachings.  The warrior agreed.

Months and years went by as the warrior followed and learned from the priest.  Eventually the priest called for the warrior and sat down with him to talk.  He told the warrior he had to return to the Hwarang with these commitments and they must live by them.


 1. Shun - Honor your King and Country 

(King and Country implies: neighbors, community, society, country)

2. Hyo - Honor your Parents 

(implies: mother, father, teacher, elders)

3. Chin - Honor Friendship 

(Friends implies: associates, brothers and sisters)

4. Lee - No retreat in battle 

(Battle means: job, goals, responsibilities)

5. Chi - Kill with justice

(In fighting, choose with sense and honor.  Killing - - referring to plant and animal, means: harvesting the wrong ones at the wrong time will harm the environment and eventually ourselves.  Defend against all injustice)


The Warrior went back to give the Hwarang the oath to live and train by and in so doing made the Hwarang and even stronger and united organization that would go on to unite the whole Korean peninsula.