Story around the colors of the belts


It has been told of how the Hwarang worked out the ranking system of their art.  The first day that an individual was chosen to become part of the Hwarang, they would plant a seed of rice, which is .  That individual would watch and care for that seed until it began to germinate and turn .  As that seed of rice pushed its way through the dirt to begin to absorb the light, wind and air, it would turn , showing how it grows.  As it grew, the seed would reach for the sky, which is , never looking back, just growing and learning.  As the seed reaches the sky, it reaches for the fire and energy of the sun, which is , to give it strength and knowledge.  As the seed looks back at where it started and how much it has learned on its trip to the sun, the seed realizes that it only knows very little and it continues on past the sun, reaching out into space, which is , to continue learning as much as it can in its lifetime.