Important People that you should remember

Yo Shin Kim
Choon Choo Kim (became king)
These two men were great leaders who graduated from the Hwarang Academy.  They united Korea.
Dong Myung Sung Wang
Founder of the Paekche dynasty
Chin Soon Lee
Admiral Lee invented the sub and fought and killed 360,000 Japanese in battle
Chin Hung
Founder of Hwarang, 24th king of Silla.
Sa Myung Dae Sa
Great Korean warrior, defeated Japanese army.  They were so impressed they invited him to their country.  They deceived and captured him, then placed him in a metal house.  They set fire to the outside of the house to roast him.  They expected to find him dead, but instead found him alive.  His reply was that Japan was too cold at night.



Gae Byung Yun (G Byong Yun)
Founder of Ji Do Kwan (our style of Tae Kwon Do).  Also Chang Gil Hong's master
Grandmaster Chang Gil Hong
Master Yang's Master


Grandmaster Choon Mo Yang 
Master Porta's Master                             

Born February 10, 1943








Grandmaster Donald F. Porta, 7th Dan
Our Master

Born February 4, 1949Porta.jpg (35439 bytes)







Master James Gifford, 5th Dan
Born August 15th, 1951Jim.jpg (33950 bytes)









Master Michael Kozar, 5th Dan

Born June 1st, 1954Mike.JPG (87320 bytes)










Master Michael Wonderling, 5th Dan

Born , July 7th, 1971  mwonderling.jpg (193705 bytes)